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– brand development & website creation

For over 30 years Jennings have worked hard to build a strong reputation in the business accommodation industry, based on honesty and trust. In order to build on their success, they felt the time was right to restructure, redesign and rebuild their three main websites. Working with the established Jennings brand we developed a refined colour palette, typographic hierarchy and photographic style as well as creating a suite of quirky illustrations – all working together to inject fun, vibrancy and warmth to the brand. In order to create a much improved, seamless website user experience we established a new site architecture where we combined all three of the Jennings websites into one. We then designed and built a fully responsive website with re written copy, new photography, illustrative features and downloadable content. We look forward to many more years working with the Jennings team to deliver solutions for their marketing requirements.

Jennings business Jennings business

We’re so pleased we asked Blooberry to design & build our new Jennings website. Choosing who to use was made easy because they immediately understood what we wanted to achieve, the culture of our business and listened to our ‘wants’ list. It was quite a challenge for them to fit everything we do in to one place, and cut out a lot of the less interesting stuff we’d had on our old site. They did all of this with energy, knowledge, enthusiasm and fun. They also showed real skill and flair in every step of the design stage paying lots of attention to the detail. What was particularly refreshing was that they kept all the technical info to one side and concentrated our focus on the message and the appearance only, so we didn’t get bogged down with lots of ‘how does that work’ jargon. We can’t recommend the Blooberries highly enough. If you need a new website, or want to refresh a tired brand, definitely speak to them first!

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